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Sound Counsel After a Fatal Accident

pa-wrongfulFlorida’s statute on wrongful death creates a right of financial recovery for those suffering the death of a loved one due to the negligence or intentional act of another person.

The core of the state’s wrongful death law is the survivors’ interests and the lost, emotionally and financially suffered. This focus is often quite different in many other states. There the courts are required to one arrive at a dollar value for the life of the deceased.

For more than three decades, David A. Simpson of the Simpson Law Firm has handled numerous serious,even complex, death cases. In these often tragic wrongful death cases, the Simpson Law Firm is experienced, knowledgeable, and personally committed to diligent representation of the victims.

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An Involved and Invested Approach to Your Family’s Claim

At David Simpson’s firm, there is found a team of committed individuals whose ultimate concern is you and your family receiving the support needed after the fatal injury and accidental death of a loved one.

We engage with all of the family, making sure that the loved one’s story is valued and that his or her contribution to life is not discarded in the legal shuffle.


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