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Assisting Victims of Motor Vehicle Accidents Gain Compensation

Victims of auto accidents are often left to deal with the problems associated with their inability to work and the loss of wages. In addition, there are often huge medical bills that have to be dealt with in some way. In Fort Walton Beach, the Simpson Law Firm stands ready to assist you in recovering proper compensation for injuries suffered at the hand of a business or individual from negligent acts. And the firm will work to make certain that the compensation received is the maximum possible for the particular situation in question.

Contact us today for a Free Consultation. Those faced with a problem requiring an aggressive and experienced attorney should waste no time in contacting us at once.  Attorney David Simpson represents auto accident victims throughout Northwest Florida.

pa-car-accidentA Firm Personally Invested in Your Personal Injury Case

Both passengers and drivers who become involved in any sort of motor vehicle incident or accident are going to receive experienced representation and sound legal advice if the case involves any of the following:

  • Road construction accident
  • Semi crash
  • Accident involving hydroplaning
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Auto accidents caused by mechanical malfunctions, brake failures or tire defects
  • Truck accidents And of course, any car accidents

Aggressive action is taken on behalf of all those whose injuries that were suffered in motor vehicle accidents resulting in soft tissue injuries or permanent disabilities such as:

  • Injuries involving soft tissue such as those related to the seat belt
  • Back injuries including herniated discs and bulging among others
  • Neck injury and whiplash issues
  • Crushed joints and bones badly broken
  • Limb loss of function or amputation
  • Injuries to the spinal cord
  • Concussions and brain injuries

In addition, cases involving under-insured or totally uninsured motorists are handled professionally.

Make Sure The Insurance Company Recognizes That Your Pain Is Indeed Real

The fight to achieve full and fair compensation must never be given up. The insurance companies have spent many lifetimes attempting to get everything down as pat as they can to minimizing their obligations in the accident world. Their concern is their profits and certainly not the victim.

The Simpson Law Firm can be reached easily at (850) 863-7777 and one will be immediately put in touch with a personal injury attorney experienced in motor vehicle accidents.

Emerald Coast Visitors And Residents Served By A Local Lawyer

When it comes to auto accidents and car wrecks local highway familiarity can help the lawyer involved to identify the right evidence. This firm has a vast knowledge of the following roads that is so important to the case:

  • Interstate 10 (I-10)
  • Florida State Road 20
  • U.S. Route 90
  • The Highway 30-A Corridor (Seaside, Rosemary Beach, Seagrove, WaterColor, Grayton Beach, Blue Mountain Beach)
  • Highway 98
  • Florida State Road 85
  • Florida State Road 189
  • U.S. Route 231
  • Florida State Road 87
  • U.S. Route 331
  • The Mid-Bay Bridge
  • Florida State Road 285
  • Florida State Road 123

The bottom line is that anyone dealing with any of these issues should take advantage of a free consultation and get in touch with the auto accident lawyer at the Simpson Law Firm immediately. Click here to contact us or call now (850) 863-7777