About Us

Simpson Law Firm is a Personal Injury and Civil Trial law firm handing accident and injury cases for victims of all counties in Northwest Florida.

The Attorneys of Simpson Law Firm have over 55 years of legal experience serving the Florida Panhandle, including the First Judicial Circuit, for accident injuries and for injured victims of negligent claims. They have offices conveniently located in Fort Walton Beach, Santa Rosa Beach and Crestview and will also travel anywhere in the Florida Panhandle to meet with a potential client. They are true “Counselors of Law” offering exceptional legal guidance and, relying on their experience in representing accident victims and individuals as well as their families who have suffered due to accidents or medical negligence.


The Attorneys of Simpson Law Firm, as well as their dedicated and experienced support staff, provide you supportive care and service to meet your needs when a serious injury arises. They limit their practice exclusively to personal injury and wrongful death claims and are recognized in the local community as being experienced Florida trial attorneys. As accident and injury lawyers, they have been practicing in this area for over 40 years. They are currently the only two lawyers in the firm, so you can rest assured that you will be hiring experienced lawyers to personally handle your case when an automobile accident or medical malpractice has occurred.



The Attorneys of Simpson Law Firm and their staff are trained to handle all aspects of your case including retrieving medical records, compiling your medical bills, documenting your lost wages and working with you to prove and recover for the pain and suffering you or your family have experienced. As negligence attorneys, the attorneys of Simpson Law Firm are experienced in Florida law for handling all motor vehicle accident/injury cases including motorcycle and trucking accidents. They personally represent many accident victims to help them receive their full recovery for their claims.


The Attorneys of Simpson Law Firm will assure that you have an opportunity to work with them personally on your case. With their extensive experience in Personal Injury and Civil Litigation/Trial, they know how to get your case to trial and obtain the full compensation that you deserve as a result of your injury. This is true whether it is a construction accident injury, slip and fall, auto accident injury or a medical malpractice case. Regardless of the type of accident, the Attorneys of Simpson Law Firm are equipped and prepared to fight for you and to handle your case in a personal, dedicated manner.


Each and every client at the Simpson Law Firm receives individual attention. We are not a personal injury mill. The Attorneys of Simpson Law Firm are personally involved and invested in the outcome of every case. For us it is not a numbers game. It is about helping people recover after a serious injury or devastating loss. It is about helping our clients put their lives back together and move forward toward a happier future after we have helped you reach your maximum settlement and recovery.


If you suffered a serious personal injury in an accident or through a doctor’s negligence, or if your family has had to endure the wrongful death of a loved one, please contact Jon David Simpson, the Managing Partner of Simpson Law Firm, to discuss how we can fight for the justice and financial compensation that you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation. Contact us or call now (850) 863-7777